Meet Our Executive Chef

Indraba Amarasinghe

Meet Indraba Amarasinghe. He is the mastermind behind our dishes. Indraba, or Indi, was born in a small town in Southern Province Sri Lanka. Since childhood, he has been interested in cooking. His background in Sri Lanka and his knowledge in different flavours has given his food a unique flair.

Indraba remembers first becoming interested in cooking during his childhood. He often was in the kitchen experimenting with different spices! After secondary school, Indraba enrolled in a degree program in Sri Lanka. After completing this degree, he followed his passion for cooking by joining the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) Culinary degree program in Sri Lanka.

In 2006, Indraba and his wife decided to move to Canada. Once arriving, he followed his culinary passion in Canadian hotels. Throughout his career, Indraba worked for many five star hotels in both Sri Lanka and Canada as an Executive Chef – and now we are excited to have him on board at Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge!

Indraba takes his career very seriously. “I believe cooking is an art, and it requires ongoing learning and passion. I believe that it takes a lot of discipline and training to become a great chef.” Despite his impressive resume, history and credentials, Indraba is constantly eager to learn and perfect his trade.

When Indraba isn’t at Eclipse, he spends his free time playing cricket and bird watching with his wife! He enjoys giving back to the community by preparing parties and events.