About Us

Eclipse Restaurant + Lounge

This hidden gem, minutes from the Edmonton International Airport, will welcome you with its modern design, superior comfort, and outstanding culinary creations. Thanks to Chef Indi, the new Eclipse Restaurant + Lounge is fast gaining a reputation for its unique American-style food infused with traditional South Asian flavours, not to mention our steaks are a thing of beauty.

Within seconds, you’ll be carried away to a foodie’s dream destination where each visit is unique, just like you! Our carefully selected team of friendly professionals make every experience memorable and special, regardless of whether you’re seeking a family dinner or a sports-bar vibe, a delectable breakfast of a savoury dinner.

The lounge area holds a unique atmosphere and personalized entertainment experience. Nestled between stylish décor, modern fixtures, and multiple large-screen TVs, you’ll find private booths equipped with a personal TV – choose the game that you want to watch during your stay with the Holiday Inn. Accent your night with our impressive selection of wine, beers and handcrafted cocktails perfectly crafted for your perfect evening.

At Eclipse Restaurant + Lounge, the experience truly eclipses your expectations